Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Monster Spray

When you are six and blessed (?) with an active imagination, night time (and well anytime) can get scary very quickly. Recently, my oldest son started complaining that he wasn't getting enough sleep because the monsters were bothering him at night. Now, I know there aren't any monsters in his room in the dark, but there is NO way I will ever convince him of that truth.

So-- sometimes you just have to go with it! When your little one is being bothered by monsters, why not EMPOWER them to take things into their own hands by formulating a monster-repelling spray?  A few years ago, I heard about this idea from some blog or magazine article. If I could remember which one, I'd certainly credit it-- this is NOT an original idea.

When he started complaining about the monsters while we were chatting in the car last week, I knew just what to do! I told him to remind me to put it on my list and I'd whip him up a batch of monster spray. Of course he's a bit skeptical-- how does it work? how did I know how to make it?

What I've explained is that it is a repellant (not a killing spray) like bug spray that has a smell that the monsters don't like. I've opted to use sweet orange essential oil so there is a distinct odor to the spray. As to where I learned how to make it, from the computer-- of course! He has seen me regularly look up instructions, recipes, maps, driving directions and the like, so he knows there is a wealth of information out there.

Now I admit, I've tried to be as honest as possible with our children and direct deception has been hard (even in the case of Santa and the Easter bunny). But, I do think there is something worth protecting in the innocence of this age-- when anything is possible. Plus, it shows that I am listening and taking his concerns seriously, not just dismissing them as imaginary.

I made the spray a few days ago and he told me the next day after that it was working great and keeping them away (although apparently they are a still bit noisy in their secret passage tunnel that passes by his room).

Recipe: Monster Spray

1 spray bottle (I got mine for $1 at walmart)
Fill with water
Add 10 or so drops of your favorite essential oil (if desired-- I used a sweet orange essential oil that I like in my cleaners-- I figure that it can double as an air freshener while he's spraying it around)

I didn't bother but if you feel crafty or want to fancy it up, try adding in a cute label like this one:

 Go to link for free printable pdf in pink or blue!


  1. Little dude told me recently that now the monsters wear clothespins on their nose....
    Mr. SJC