Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny Recycling Craft: Gift Card Holder

Gift cards can be a great gift-- especially for difficult-to-buy-for people (like teens) or people you don't know really well (like a child's teacher). However, I find I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love the ease and knowing that its likely to be used/appreciated. I hate that its impersonal. To combat that feeling, I try to put a little effort at least into the packaging. In general, I prefer to put it in a bag or box but it has to AT LEAST get into an envelope-- preferrably with a card or note.

Right now I'm putting together a set of goodie bags as a thank you for the group (5!) of ladies that rotate as instructors in my son's preschool. His last day of class is this Friday and then in 2 weeks he starts kindergarten-- YIKES!!  Anyways, the final item in the goodie bag is a $10 gift card to the movies. I really didn't want to just toss it in the bag AND I needed a card/tag for the gift anyways. The only problem was that I found the only gift card holders I had were Christmas themed! I do however have an unreasonably large collection of blank/generic note cards that I practically never use! If you keep greeting cards, this would be a great project to reuse one!

Here's how I turned a basic notecard into a little card & envelope the perfect size for a standard gift card:
Choose a card with a print that won't be disturbed by cutting.
 I used this Monet print with a fairly abstract pattern.
Cut card in half

Cut envelope in half

Don't forget to stick down flap!

Cut a piece of paper the same width & about 1/2 the height
of your half envelope.

Apply glue to the edge of flap

Tuck flap inside envelope & rub to adhere.

Fold flap towards back of envelope.

Trim flap if desired for professional finish.

Attach gift card with double sided tape & include message!

All done!

I love that I got a super cute card & envelope set that perfectly fit the gift card AND it cost me absolutely nothing but about 10 minutes of my time.  If you have scissors and glue, you can do this too!

I think next Christmas I'll try making some of these instead of buying my usual ones from the store.


  1. like the paper choice you used for these Gift Card envelopes..look quite easy to do..i wish to do same.

  2. Thanks! I was using just typical school construction paper, left over from assorted projects.