Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Savings Tip: Bananas

If you are anything like me, you compulsively buy bananas at the grocery store. Sometimes the little dudes will gobble them up in a few short days, sometimes even the hubby packs a few for his lunch. And then sometimes you get to the end of the week and end up with something that looks like this:

Its kind of embarrassing. I hate throwing away food but they are just too mushy to be good for out of hand eating. However, they are GREAT for baking, smoothies and in babyfood (see this post). But by the end of the week (when I'm stuck with all these brown & spotted bananas) I might be too busy, tired or just not in the mood for banana things.  Simple solution: FREEZE them. That's right, they freeze beeeauuuuutifully! Just pop off the peels and any bruises, halve or slice and drop them in a baggie.

They'll work well in any recipe calling for mushed bananas AND you save yourself from wasting food/money plus you'll always have perfectly overripe bananas on hand! As a nice bonus, if you use them straight from the freezer in a smoothie, the result will be a cold and creamy treat closer to a milk shake than a drink!

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