Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Savings Tip: Less time = less money!

When I actually calculated what it would cost to replace me and all the jobs I do here at home, the amount I came up with caused me to increase my personal life insurance! Whether you are paid for your work (inside OR outside the home) or not, your time is worth money. So, the less time spent on any particular job, the better!  

Right now, with our healthy eating program, I'm spending a majority of my "work" time in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning & prep work has taken over the bulk of my to-do list! To try to cut that down, I've been skimming the internet for new recipes & techniques. In my research, I keep coming across one MAJOR time saving idea--This is something so simple, yet so revolutionary: 

Prep/cook once, eat twice (or 3 or 4 times!)

So, this is something I've been trying to do more of. I like cooking, but not everyday. Some days I'm just plain tuckered out. I'm thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if all I had to do was throw something in the microwave or oven??

I've always made a little extra in most of our meals for Hubby to take as a lunch but this is a more deliberate increase in volume. I'm specifically setting out to make a full extra dinner portion for the whole family. If you're gonna be cooking anyways....

Some ideas I've been trying:  freezing whole portions of soup in large tupperware containers or gallon ziptop baggies. Prepping/assembling casseroles or pasta dishes in disposable aluminum trays. I've also found that doughs also freeze well, wrapped in wax paper & stored in a large ziptop baggie- this is AWESOME for cookie doughs. (If you rolled it into logs before freezing-- you'll have your own slice & bake varieties!) 

What if I don't have enough for 2 complete meals? I've also been freezing individual components like prepped veggies. What a time saver to have something difficult (like butternut squash) already peeled & diced! I've also found that you can also freeze fruits but they tend to mush up when defrosting so this is best for ingredients that will eventually be mashed, pureed, made into a smoothy, etc.

Any other freezing tips I've left out? Comment below!!


  1. As the "Hubby" mentioned above, I like having "grab and go" food to take to work. I always get comments at work about how great my food smells and save lots of money by NOT going to fast food every night.